Special Diet Accommodations Policy

Substitutions to meals for children with a disability will be made when supported by a written statement from a state licensed healthcare professional (medical doctor, podiatrist, dentist, optometrist, veterinarian, osteopathic physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse [nurse practitioner], as listed in the “Tennessee 2011 SB2253 Tennessee Prescription Safety Act 2012”).

The medical statement should include a description of the child’s physical or mental impairment that is sufficient to allow the SFA to understand how it restricts the child’s diet.  It should also include an explanation of what must be done to accommodate the disability.  In other cases, more information may be required.  In the case of food allergies, this means identifying the food or foods to be omitted and recommending alternatives.  In the case of accommodating students with diabetes, this may mean specifying carb counts per meal.

When the SFA believes the medical statement is unclear or lacks sufficient detail, additional information and appropriate clarification will be requested so that a proper and safe meal can be provided.

Reasonable meal modifications for a student to accommodate a disability will be provided at no extra cost to the student or household when the disability restricts the child’s diet.

Parents or guardians may request modifications to meal service for children with disabilities by contacting the School Nutrition Director, the Nursing Supervisor, or the Section 504 Coordinator. 

Any request for modification related to the meal or meal service will be forwarded to the Section 504 Coordinator, and reviewed by the 504 team.

Grievances related to requests for modifications based upon a disability will have access to impartial hearing process as described in Board Policy 1.802.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.